Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review

Cast iron pans can be passed down through different generations. For some families, these are genuine heirlooms that have fed countless ages. While time moves on and kitchen decors change, one thing remains; the reliability and durability of cast iron skillets.

There are hundreds of cast iron skillets on the market and each has its good qualities and bad. Today, we are going to focus on the Field Company cast iron skillet. Renowned for making top-quality skillets, Field Company’s range of cast iron pans are simple yet effective. With the right amount of care and maintenance, these can last a lifetime and become one of your family heirlooms.

Whether it’s Field No. 8, Field No. 10, or Field No. 12 from Field Company’s series of robust skillets, they all offer a predictable heat distribution and heat retention so you can cook the best possible meals. Boasting a non-stick surface, you can achieve outstanding cooking results. And you will never have to deal with the non-stick coating peeling off.

On the whole, these pans may take a little longer to heat up than some others because the heat distribution is generally consistent and uniform throughout the pan.

Effective and versatile, Field Company’s cast iron skillets can be used indoors on a stove, in an oven, or on electric and induction stovetops. Going camping? You can even take these pans outdoors and use them over the open flame of a campfire. 

To give you a better idea of the Field Company cast iron skillets, we have reviewed these excellent cookware items. We will look at the pros and cons of these solid pans and find out how to maintain them for the longest possible use.

First impressions

When first holding the Field Company No.8 cast-iron skillet, its lightweight feel is instantly noticeable. Most cast-iron pans are usually pretty difficult to pick up with one hand but this didn’t feel so cumbersome. Weighing 4.8 pounds, this is more comfortable to handle and maneuver. Being easier to hold also means there is less risk of accidentally dropping your food on the floor!

Instead of being rough and pebbled from the leftover sand during the molding process, the skillet has a very polished and machined surface. This smoothness is much nicer and easier to cook on making your cooking experience that much more enjoyable. It also comes pre-seasoned with two coats of grapeseed oil. This means the skillet is ready to cook right away. It also saves you time from having to season the pan yourself.

Although not as non-stick as hoped for at first, its surface became more nonstick as time went on and was used more. This allows you to quickly cook a range of foods, such as cornbread, with no trouble at all.

Its heat retention and distribution are fantastic, as with most cast iron pans. This gives a crispy sear to different meats and fish. Due to the strong, consistent heat on show, vegetables tend to taste much better when cooked in these Field Company cast iron skillets.

So, on first impressions, everything you expect from a cast-iron pan is there:

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Reliability
  • Robustness

The only surprising factor was how light the pan was. But this is always a positive!

Cooking on a Field Company skillet

Focusing on the Field No. 8 skillet from Field Company, we were very impressed when cooking with it. These cat iron pans are ideal for those of you who love to cook on the grill. The only difference is that you can achieve similar grilled results by cooking on your home stovetop.

If you cook meat often, these pans are perfect. But before you start cooking, it is best to warm the skillet for around 5 minutes before any food is added. Compared to non-stick pans, these take a little longer to heat up but once they do, the heat distribution is extremely consistent as well as constant. 

The No. 8 skillet produces a very pleasing sear on steaks. And it does this without any hint of burning or charcoal. Furthermore, the interior of the steaks are cooked very well with no overcooking. So, if you’re in the mood for a medium juicy steak or a heavenly burger, the Field Company No.8 cast iron pan will do the trick just fine. Compared to frying a steak or burger on other non-stick pans, we think we prefer these skillets.

Versatility is the name of the game with these skillets. You can cook a range of breakfast foods such as bacon, sausages, and pancakes very effectively. As long as you add a little dollop of butter or oil beforehand, your food will be perfect. 

However, when cooking pancakes or eggs, you may need to wait a little longer for the seasoning and oil to grease the pan. As we mentioned, Field Company cast iron skillets tend to take a little longer to heat up compared to some of their competitors.

But once at a low to medium heat, heat is evenly distributed efficiently. Therefore, you can butter the pan before maintaining your eggs or pancakes at a lower temperature without any risk of burning. As with woks, the more you use Field Company skillets, the better your experience becomes. 

We loved how well these skillets retain heat. If you need to keep food warm for a while, just place it in the pan after being heated up. No more cold fajitas!

Because cast iron is so strong, these pans are also resistant to warping. Therefore, they should not go out of shape and remain reliable for many many years. Just don’t go cutting anything inside the pans as this can easily damage the surface. If your food needs to be cut, simply remove it from the skillet and cut it on a plate or cutting board. Also, we recommend using wooden utensils rather than metal so you keep the pan’s surface smooth and scratch-free. 

Maintenance and design

Vintage by look but modern by nature. We love the matured design of Field Company cast iron skillets. Combined with the flat bottom and heat ring, there is certainly a homage to pans of the past. However, there is no doubt that these skillets are modern as they are made from 75% to 90% recycled iron. Made in the US, Field Company are making a name for themselves in creating eco-friendly cookware that has the appeal of vintage pans but the construction of top-quality modern designs.

When you receive the skillet, it will arrive neatly packaged in a box. Inside are seasoning and care instructions to help you understand how to maintain your new pan. Field Company also has online support for further assistance if required.

If you’re new to cast iron skillets, then these instructions, both online and offline, will show you the correct ways to season the cookware. 

Field Company advises that you only use a very light amount of cooking oil. Rub this over the interior and exterior’s surface. If the pan is always lightly coated with cooking oil, it should last much longer than without. Also recommended is to use a scraper to scrape off any food residue leftover. Then, rinse with water and wipe clean with a soft kitchen towel.

While this sounds like an easy approach, we believe it isn’t the most practical method of maintaining your skillet. Doing this would leave the pan greasy with leftover odors which is not what you want when cooking different foods. Instead, consider washing the pans with only water and a light detergent. Then, wipe clean and leave to dry thoroughly. Popping it on the stove for 5 minutes can help evaporate any moisture leftover. 

These Field Company pans currently come in two sizes:

  • No.8 - Has an 8.75-inch cooking surface and a 10.25-inch diameter
  • No.10 - Has a 9.75-inch cooking surface and an 11.65-inch top diameter

The No.8 is ideal for your everyday cooking tasks while the No.10 pan is the perfect choice for cooking large meals. 

Important things to keep in mind

Cast iron. It’s something we all love when it comes to cookware. But, it’s important to remember that these skillets are heavy and can be difficult to store in smaller kitchens. Also, the handle is prone to heating up significantly while you’re cooking. Additionally, the pan takes a little longer than others to heat up before use so get ready to be patient.

Field Company suggests that acidic foods should not be cooked on these skillets. This includes tomatoes, citrus, and wine. Just re-coat the pan with some cooking oil after every wash.

The good news is, if you maintain and store the skillet properly, it should never flake and will always be non-stick. Just do not stick it in the dishwasher!

In Summary

Field Company’s cast iron skillets will ensure you cook better food without having to worry about any non-stick coating from flaking off. Ultra-durable, ultra-stylish, and ultra-reliable, these pans are built to last generations. 

The versatility knows no bounds. With preparation and the right care, your Field Iron cast iron skillets will help you cook the best meals you’ve ever had.