About Me

Welcome to Cast Iron Skillet, your guide into the world of all things cast iron cookware-related! My name is Sam and I am something of a self-confessed cast iron skillet fan. Well, not even just skillets! Griddles, Dutch ovens, pans, woks… You name it, I like it (and own many)! 

Cast Iron Skillet is a website that was born out of my love for cooking in cast iron. I feel that it is still pretty misunderstood, perhaps due to the health scares that have been associated with it (just to clarify, you won’t get iron poisoning from using a cast iron pan!).

Cooking with cast iron has made my life so much easier, and makes cooking a much more enjoyable hobby. Yep, that’s right, I said ‘hobby’ rather than ‘task’! 

I want to use my little section of the internet to clear up any misconceptions about cast iron cooking, as well as giving you lots of tips and tricks, and even recommending some of the best pieces of cast iron cookware you can buy! 

So, if you have been curious about cast iron cookware and want to find out more, this could be the perfect website for you! Whether you want to find out what the best cast iron wok is, learn how to cook scallops in a cast iron pan, or even just find out what sorts of foods can be cooked in cast iron this might just be the perfect place for you.